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Who Can Benefit from Our Training?

The CNA, the CEO, and everyone partnering with an individual with memory impairment 
to reach his or her fullest potential!
Each one of Inspired's unique workshops is designed to develop participants' expertise by teaching creative and collaborative strategies to memory care. 
Content is approved for continuing education hours by the following accrediting agencies :
  • Commission for Case Management Certification
  • National Association for Long Term Care Administrator Boards
  • National Council for Certified Activity Professionals
  • National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification
  • The New York State Board for Social Work

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Our Workshops

  1. Setting a Humanistic Framework for the Treatment of Alzheimer's
    Participants learn the key dynamics of aging and the brain, understanding that persons with cognitive deficits are capable of making connections and living a full life after diagnosis. This course can empower learners with increased awareness and confidence to engage in advocacy beyond the classroom.
  2. Communicating Creatively, A Multi-Modal Approach to Facilitating Expression, Comprehension, and RetentionDisease and Related Dementias
    Participants experience and practice modified communication techniques for the elderly and memory-impaired, exploring applications of multiple therapeutic modalities for the facilitation of creative expression. This course can empower learners with the tools to connect quickly and effectively with clients throughout the stages of progression.
  3. Recreation-based Intervention
    Participants learn to identify and explore possible triggers driving challenging behavior and link those challenges to unmet needs. This course can empower learners to collaborate openly and creatively with peers about powerful non-pharmacological strategies for intervention, as well as to evaluate the efficacy of interventions on an ongoing basis.
  4. Creating Flow in the Care Process
    Participants explore and practice real-time techniques to maximize dignity, independence, and physical comfort for clients, while maintaining safety and trust during the processes of: bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, oral care, & sexual expression. This course can empower learners to partner with clients to meet and anticipate physical needs.
  5. Planning the Day Together
    Participants learn key components of strengths-based, client-directed programming and ways to build and implement unique programs in the daily client experience. This course can empower learners to identify passions and create opportunities for client involvement through meaningful community integration and roles.
  6. Co-Treatment, Bringing the Team Together
    In this workshop, teams collaborate to design strategies that can streamline and strengthen their interdisciplinary approach to memory care. Focus is placed on establishing efficient systems of communication, leading team members beyond mistakes, and providing supportive feedback as they build confidence with unique memory-care specific techniques.
  7. Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
    This is the required seminar for those pursuing CDP® certification and who qualify through the NCCDP. Each seminar covers: diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, communication, feelings, depression, repetitive behavior, paranoia, hallucinations, wandering, hoarding, aggressive behaviors, catastrophic reactions, intimacy & sexuality, personal care, pain, nutrition, activities, environment, staff and family support, diversity and cultural competence, spiritual care, and end of life
  8. Therapeutic Recreation Approaches to Caregiver Self Care & Stress Prevention
    Participants will learn about the integration of therapeutic recreation modalities as interventions within a holistic approach to self care. Participants will discuss therapeutic recreation-based techniques for self care and stress prevention within the framework of self-actualization and flow.

The need for specialized memory care is growing.

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