Family Partnership Options

Inspired Memory Care understands that you and your loved one deserve top quality, accessible support during your journey through cognitive change.  So we offer flexible choices for maximum value.  Our clients can combine options to suit their evolving needs and budgets.  Please call for more information about how our services can become your solutions. 

Skills Discovery Visit

Inspired Memory Care's comprehensive Skills Discovery Visits include a one-to-one meeting and exploration of your loved one's:

  • family background
  • historical interests
  • areas of professional expertise
  • personality profile
  • current physical strengths
  • current cognitive strengths
  • current social strengths & more

You'll receive a comprehensive Client Discovery Profile, listing your loved one's areas of current strength and skill, as well as suggesting recommendations for utilizing those strengths and skills to you and your loved one's advantage in the daily routine.

Stay Connected! Training Session

Want to get your home health aide or companion Inspired throughout the week? A trainer from Inspired Memory Care will work with your professional caregiver side-by-side to keep your loved one engaged and connected in a daily routine and programming that is safe, stimulating, and accessible.

Stay Connected! Packages involve a demonstration-return-demonstration model in which our trainers demonstrate  the Keys to Connection, teach the concepts behind them, and coach your caregiver through a return-demonstration until he or she is comfortable and confident putting them into action. We build on the repertoire over time so that your loved one is offered communication and programming that is creative, meaningful, and engaging!  We strive to keep loved ones and caregivers active and connected so relationships can flourish.

Care Challenge Consultation

 Inspired Memory Care offers individual care consultations both at-home or via telephone conferencing. Choose what's most convenient for you.  Care Consultations can provide the valuable opportunity to:

  • discuss new developments and areas of concern with your loved one
  • identify potential factors related to changes
  • brainstorm strategies tailored to your family's needs.
  • work through challenges with creativity, compassion, and efficacy
  • create variety and interest in your loved one's routine
  • evaluate time-management, support systems, and other tools to enhance your well-being.

One-to-One Connection! Session

Could your loved one benefit from engagement with IMC's trained experts? We think so! Whether at-home or in a facility-environment, elders can thrive when being heard, sharing wisdom, and doing the things they love. Work with IMC to arrange a Connection! Session for your loved one, and we'll spend an hour working one-to-one to reconnect him or her with a passion. Our therapeutic milieu includes:

  • expression through the arts (observing and creating music, sculpture painting, dance, and more)
  • learning and cultural programs on a topic of your loved one's preference
  • Montessori-inspired cooking experiences adapting your loved one's recipes
  • & more (if there is an interest or hobby you can think of, chances are we can adapt it for your loved one).

For additional tips to keep your family connected, visit our "Words of Inspiration" Blog by clicking here.