IMC's Inspired Connections™ Dementia Care Training Programs


IMC's Inspired Connections™ Dementia Training Program Objectives:

•Recognize the triggers for distressing behaviors in individuals living with dementia

•Understand the IMC approach and how to implement it with your team; and

•Identify strategies to maximize independence, engagement, and quality of life for clients of your organization and their care teams.

Meaningful engagement and therapeutic communication strategies are the cornerstone of partnering for care with individuals living with dementia and their families.  In fact, specialization in these areas can minimize declinations of care and distressing verbal and physical exchanges, and maximize quality of life.  Providing team members with dementia education can result in increased client and team member safety, increased family satisfaction, and improved staff morale and retention.

IMC provides three levels of individualized, experiential training programs to meet your organization’s needs.  The IMC Inspired Connections™ training philosophy incorporates interactive, competency-based educational experiences designed to maximize staff sensitivity, minimize distressing behavior, and facilitate therapeutic interactions between team members, families, and clients. Read on for more information.
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Inspired Connections™ Package One: ​​​​​​​
Quarterly In-servicing​​
$375/module + cost of travel*
(Minimum of three modules)
An IMC principal will visit your organization to provide quarterly one hour in-services on the topics of your choice.  These one hour modules may include:
  • An Overview of Dementia
  • Creative Communication Skills
  • Minimizing Distressing Behaviors, Maximizing Independence
  • Planning the Day Together (Engagement)
  • Recreational-Modalities for Self Care & Stress Prevention

Inspired Connections™ Package Two: ​​​​​​
One Day Training​​
$1,500/day + cost of travel*
An IMC principal will visit your organization to provide a full day dementia training customized to your organizational goals.  We suggest building content around your ​​quality improvement initiatives.  This package includes:
  • Discussion of Organizational Initiatives
  • Development of Customized Content
  • Delivery of Six Hour Training by an IMC Principal 
Review of QA and development of a custom-tailored, three hour training module from an IMC principal on:
  • Evidence-based strategies to minimize distressing behaviors and maximize engagement
  • Two Train-the-Trainer Sessions
    • One trainer demonstration of content by an IMC principal
    • One return-demonstration of content by trainer-candidates with feedback from an IMC principal
  • Manuals & Certification, including all materials necessary to train team members in your organization; and
  • Support & Trainer Privileges with access to email and telephone support from the IMC Trainer Support System.

The Inspired Connections™​ Train-the-Trainer program is designed for Nurse Educators, Coordinators, and front-line team members.  Those participating should be comfortable speaking to and leading a group and have the time available to conduct the training within your organization. 

*Travel fees may apply for bookings  beyond the five boroughs.  Please contact IMC for further information.

Inspired Connections™ Package Three: ​​​​​
$8,500 + cost of travel*